Posted: September 6, 2010 in Batcave early days

Inside MY Batcave

Tools of the trade…

That’s what you see here.  Scattered along the top of the box are some more of my tools…I’m messy when I work.

My handy screwdrivers, miscellaneous bits, power tools (about 10 different ones), reference books, Batmobiles for sizing, and a lone Batman figure who gets to rule the cave. 

I tend to use the top of the cave as a workbench and storage area…I’m much further along, and it’s a mess right now.

I’ve got a 10 foot long workbench, two mobile workbenches in my workshop and a pair of sawhorses.  They’ve all been out at the same time on this project.  The chopsaw broke (Curse you China!) and I’ve broken a few drill bits, but it’s been worth it in the end.

This is the last nuts and bolts section that I’ll be posting.  I know that it bores most of the geek/fanboys, but for some of us, it’s this bit that allows us to bring our geek fantasy to life.  There is nothing more dangerous than a geek who knows how to build stuff…Oppenheimer anybody?

Anyways, it took me about 10 hours to get through the “early days” of the woodsman phase, and it wasn’t very rewarding.  People still looked at me funny at this point.  Hey, Walt Disney must have gotten that when he dug a hole in Anaheim in the 50’s and told people that he was building a “submarine ride”.  It was still just a hole…

but only for a while…

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