Posted: September 6, 2010 in Batcave early days


This picture sucks...but you get the idea

It has been a dream of mine ever since the animated Batman cartoon (BTAS) aired in 1994 to make a diorama of the animated Batcave.  Here it is!  I’ve been taking pictures of it under construction since day 1. 

The Batcave measures 4 x 4 foot square, is fully wired with illumination, and the outside will look like a WayneCorp shipping crate.  The hinged doors will open up into a scale model of the Batcave that will host the animated figure line, vehicles, contraptions, standard batcave trophies, and more. 

Non-batfans that have entered into my workshop don’t get it.  They’ve just scratched their heads and christened it as a doll house for boys…all I can say is, if they’d had doll houses like this when I was a kid, I’d have worn a dress!

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be visually chronicling the Batcave’s progress on this blog.  My pictures sucked in the beginning, but that will improve as the blog progresses.

I dedicate this page to all those batfans out there who saw on, gnaw on, and basically ruin their plastic toys in hopes of imitating their favorite cartoon.  Here’s to the custom sculptors out there who have inspired me over the years.  Time to give something back…

  1. Bongomon says:

    Geeza, this is serious dude! After reading your stuff I wanna go get myself a BongoBlog, wish I did what you did when I built my GrooveTrolley.

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