Posted: September 9, 2010 in Batcave Walls

Masonry est Macho!

Now that my wires and electric routes were in place, the next step was to texture the walls.  I felt like Two-face on this one.  On the one hand, it had to be strong and sturdy so I used dry-wall (sheet rock to the Brits).  On the other hand,  using dry-wall added considerably to the weight.  Therefore, I needed to use some foam board as well.  Rather than flipping a coin with one side scratched out to settle the matter, I decided to take the sane middle road of compromise and use both.  Being a dual-personalitied murderous psychopath is highly over-rated.

I have the Batman Animated book that serves as a tribute to the Animated series.  It also served as a template for me.  I literally copied the exact texture of the paintings of the batcave rock surfaces line by line, crack by crack.  I wanted it to look like the batcave.  Although Matt Cauley over at Iron Cow did an amazing job of making a Batcave diorama (lite), I didn’t want to do it out of paper.  Although I have to say, if anyone could do it out of pape card and make it look amazing, it’s Matt.  He’s a personal hero of mine.

Iron Cow's fantastic diorama

In order to provide depth, this meant drilling back props at times for the dry wall, or the foam-board to stick out a bit.  You’ll notice the steps going up to Wayne manor up top, that meant that a false wall had to be built.

In addition, the exit to the batcave was also going to need to provide some depth.  Therefore, I decided that the really big peices needed to be dry-wall, and the smaller ones foam-board…are you bored?


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