Posted: September 9, 2010 in Batcave lighting

Let there be light!

The first thing that you’ll notice by looking at this picture is that I spent a day putting lighting in.  It took me 8 hours to rig all of it up.  I have to be honest, it wasn’t the funnest part of the project by a long-shot, but it was very satisfying when I was done. 

My brain tends to work in blocks, neatly filing everything into it’s little compartment.  Dad had OCD when he died, so it must be something for me to look forward to.  In reality, walking away from the project with jobs unfinished can be hard, so it was gratifying to have the lighting done after 8 hours of working out circuits, routes, and conceptual functionality.

The first light to the bottom right is for the underlighting of the glass that will serve as the entrance to the Gotham sewers.  Of course the Batboat will be housed there and will rest on a plastic sheeting that will be uplit to give an underwater lit effect. 

Moving up to the next platform on your left, is the underlighting for the Robin case, which houses the suit of Dick Grayson (remember this Batcave is based on the TNBA and BTAS continuity – the cartoon bypassed Jason Todd). 

Finally, the third platform will house the Batcomputer.  I will need the computer to have a luminous green effect like on the cartoon.  This will take some doing, and the computer will have to be completely scratch built.

Not a problem…


The top of the cave has a spotlight shining down on the rotating disc housing the Batmobile in the center of the diorama. 

There are also lights to illumine the Batcycles and contraptions

underneath the back deck on the right.


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