Posted: September 9, 2010 in Batcave customs

Faith is envisioning the unrealized

Sneak peak…

Up to this point, I’d spent in between 30-40 hours on this bad boy.  It may not look it, but there was a lot of blood, sweat, and tears going into it up till now.  After all of this time, I’d still not gotten to the modeling bit yet…and believe me, that’s the fun part.

One evening, at the end of one of my shifts in the cave, I decided to get out some of the vehicles and trophy cases together with some bits that I’d scavenged from the Mattel set.  I needed some encouragement after looking at wood, plastic, and foamboard for so long.

You don’t start a project liket his unless you’ve got some vision to begin with, but this gave me my second wind.  It suddenly made other people want to start helping as well.  My trusty side-kick Nigel came into the game back in the wall furnishing inning of the game, so we’ve decided to stick together.  You just can’t beat a dynamic duo!


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