Posted: October 21, 2010 in Batboat and Moat

Chicks dig the boat...

Okay, this is the part I was most excited about.  For some reason all things water get me sweaty wet.  I dig on the Batboat.  Call it hydrobat, batfoil, whatever… no Batcave is complete without underwater access to the Gotham Sewers and Gotham Harbor.  Therefore, my Batcave needed some water effects.

All your base are belong to us!

Water effects are pretty tricky.  I wanted a cartoon look.  I had done modeling before that required water effects.  In those cases I used resin.  In this case, I tried using clear plastic plexi and airbrushed the desired water effect.  The color matt would be green.  It would graduate from the centre and gradiate outwards going to darker and darker shades to give the pool the desired appearance of depth.  Great idea…it just didn’t work.

Third failed attempt...

 The problem was that it might have looked really cool for a movie diorama,     but it was too realistic looking.  It just lost the cartoon look I was  going for.  As Edison found, when you’re making stuff, sometimes the best thing that happens in your lab is a “happy accident”.  Kinda like Clayfaces transformation.  You see, I had three attempts that I was unhappy with.  This led to my having to scrub the plexi clean 3 times to start over.  In the process, the plexi went from a clear finish to a brushed effect.  At first, I wasn’t happy about this (it’s expensive stuff), but in the end as I was out running in the clear sea air, I had an epiphany… I won’t lift the cowl on this one, but the idea paid off.  All things work together for the good, and it worked overtime!

floaties, sir?

Here is the result. 

Now the Batboat has a dock.  Of course, it’s not finished yet, as the rocks will need to be added.  I’ll be done with those this week.

Batboat emerging...

Stay tuned (same bat-website) for the developement of the Batcave starting with the infamous Batcomputer.  Now that I’ve started putting the power tools away, the Batcave has come into it’s next Batwave of developement.  The modeling tools are now ready for action.  This is where some knuckle-cracking fun starts…

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