Squid Jones is a workshop dedicated to building elaborate and ambitious fantasy dioramas.  Our recent project is a 4×4 foot Batcave circa 1994.

  1. mantantalon says:


    I make maps for a game called Heroclix, and I want to make the Batcave. Yours is fantastic and has given me several ideas.
    But I need a favor. I need some birds eye/top down, a perfectly straight down shot of some Batvehicles. Ideally, the Batmobile, but Batplanes and boats are great too. Whatever I can get my hands on.

    This is just a hobby, I dont make any money at this and would not be able to pay you.
    I am just an immense fan of your stuff and would like your permission to use it.
    If possible, could you take a few high res, top down photographs and allow me to use them?

    I can be reached at

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